BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPBitwiseProp::CBCGPBitwiseProp ( const CString &  strName,
const CStringArray &  arFlagNames,
ULONG  ulFlags,
DWORD_PTR  dwData = 0,
LPCTSTR  lpszDescr = NULL,
const CStringArray *  parFlagDescriptions = NULL,
const CArray< ULONG, ULONG > *  parAllowedFlags = NULL 


strNameSpecifies property name.
arFlagNamesList of flag names.
ulFlagsThe flags value.
dwDataSpecifies a custom data associated with the property.
lpszDescrSpecifies property description.
parFlagDescriptionsSpecifies description of each flag.
parAllowedFlagsSpecifies array of values that can be displayed and selected.