BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPChartLegendCell::CBCGPChartLegendCell ( CBCGPChartVisualObject pChart,
CBCGPChartSeries pSeries,
int  nDataPointIndex,
LegendCellType  type 

The constructor

Type can be one of the following enumerated types:

  • LCT_KEY - displays series key
  • LCT_LABEL - displays series or data point label
  • LCT_CHART_NAME - displays related chart name
  • LCT_CUSTOM - custom cell (displays custom text). You can override OnCalcCustomCellSize and OnDrawCustomCell to display custom content.

If you wish to display custom content in a "standard" cell, you have to override CalcSize and OnDraw methods.

pCharta pointer to related chart
pSeriesa pointer to related series
nDataPointIndexspecifies related data point index
typelegend cell type