BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPChartLineObject::CBCGPChartLineObject ( CBCGPChartVisualObject pParentChart,
double  dblVal,
BOOL  bHorz = TRUE,
const CBCGPBrush brLine = CBCGPBrush(),
double  dblLineWidth = 1.,
CBCGPStrokeStyle pStrokeStyle = NULL 

Constructs the object.

The constructor.

pParentChartA pointer to a parent chart.
dblValX or Y value (in chart coordinates) of vertical or horizontal line.
bHorzTRUE - dblVal is treated as Y coordinate of horizontal line; FALSE - dblVal is treated as X coordinate of vertical line.
brLineLine color.
dblLineWidthLine width.
pStrokeStyleStroke style.