BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPFileProp::CBCGPFileProp ( const CString &  strName,
BOOL  bOpenFileDialog,
const CString &  strFileName,
LPCTSTR  lpszDefExt = NULL,
LPCTSTR  lpszFilter = NULL,
LPCTSTR  lpszDescr = NULL,
DWORD_PTR  dwData = 0,
BOOL  bThemedFileDlg = FALSE 

Constructs a file property item.

strNameThe property name.
bOpenFileDialogSpecifies whether the invoked file dialog is an "Open File" dialog or "Save File" dialog.
strFileNameSpecifies the initial file name.
lpszDefExtSpecifies the default extension(s).
dwFlagsSpecifies the dialog's flags.
lpszFilterSpecifies the filter.
lpszDescrSpecifies the property item description.
dwDataSpecifies the property item data.
bThemedFileDlgSpecifies whether the file dialog should be themed.