BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPOutlookBarPane* CBCGPOutlookBar::CreateCustomPage ( LPCTSTR  lpszPageName,
BOOL  bActivatePage = TRUE,
DWORD  dwEnabledDocking = CBRS_ALIGN_ANY,
BOOL  bEnableTextLabels = TRUE 

Creates a custom page at the runtime.

A pointer to the newly created page or NULL if the creation failed.

Use this function to allow the users to create custom outlook bar pages. It is possible to create up to 100 pages per application. The page control IDs are started from 0xF000.

The creation fails if the total number of custom outlook bar pages exceeds 100.

Use RemoveCustomPage() to delete custom pages.

lpszPageNameThe page label.
bActivatePageIf TRUE, the page is activated upon creation.
dwEnabledDockingA combination of CBRS_ALIGN_ flags that specifies the enabled docking sides when the page is detached.
bEnableTextLabelsIf TRUE, the text labels are enabled for the buttons resided on the page.