BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPOutlookBarPane::AddButton ( HBITMAP  hBmp,
LPCTSTR  lpszLabel,
UINT  iIdCommand,
int  iInsertAt = -1 

Inserts a button into an outlook bar's page.

Nonzero if a button was added successfully; otherwise 0.

Call this function to insert a new button into an outlook bar's page. The button's image can be loaded either from the application resources or from a disk file.

If the page ID specified by uiPageID is -1, the button will be inserted into the first page.

If the index specified by iInsertAt is -1, the button is added at the end of the page.

hBmpHandle to a button's bitmap.
lpszLabelSpecifies the button's text.
iIdCommandSpecifies the button control's ID.
iInsertAtSpecifies the zero-based index on the outlook bar's page at which to insert the button.