BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPRibbonBar::EnableCommandSearch ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE,
LPCTSTR  lpszPrompt = _T("Tell me what you want to do..."),
int  nWidth = -1,
LPCTSTR  lpszKeys = NULL,
LPCTSTR  lpszToolTip = NULL,
LPCTSTR  lpszDescription = NULL,
BOOL  bRecalc = TRUE,
CRuntimeClass *  pRTI = NULL 

Enables the Ribbon command search.

bEnableTRUE to enable, FALSE to disable.
lpszPromptThe prompt.
nWidthThe command serach box width.
lpszKeysSpecifies key tips to be set.
lpszToolTipThe tooltip text.
lpszDescriptionThe tooltip description.
bRecalcSpecifies whether the Ribbon Bar should recalculate layout.
pRTINULL or derived from CBCGPRibbonCommandsComboBox.

Call this method to enable/disable Ribbon command search. The search edit box appears on the right of Ribbon tabs and allows to type the command name prefix.

You can add your own items to search result menu by handling BCGM_ON_GET_RIBBON_COMMANDS_MENU_CUSTOM_ITEMS registered message.