BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonPanel* CBCGPRibbonCategory::AddPanel ( LPCTSTR  lpszPanelName,
const CBCGPToolBarImages icons,
int  nIconIndex,
CRuntimeClass *  pRTI = NULL,
int  nInsertAt = -1 

Adds a new panel to category.

A pointer to panel that has been created internally.

The category creates a panel internally. If you wish to add a custom panel, you must specify its runtime class information by pRTI.

Custom panel class must be derived from CBCGPRibbonPanel and declared as DECLARE_DYNCREATE.

lpszPanelNameSpecifies panel name (to be displayed on the tab).
iconsA list of icons. The QAT icon will be obtained from this list.
nIconIndexSpecifies zero-based icon index in 'icons' list.
pRTISpecifies runtime class information for custom panels.
nInsertAtSpecifies an index in the list of categories to insert at. if the index is -1, the new category is inserted at the end.