BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPTasksGroup::CBCGPTasksGroup ( LPCTSTR  lpszName,
BOOL  bIsBottom,
BOOL  bIsSpecial = FALSE,
BOOL  bIsCollapsed = FALSE,
CBCGPTasksPanePage *  pPage = NULL,
HICON  hIcon = NULL 

Constructs a CBCGTaskGroup object.

lpszNameSpecifies the group name.
bIsBottomSpecifies whether the group is aligned to the bottom of task pane control.
bIsSpecialIf TRUE, the group is treated as "special" and the group caption is filled by another color.
bIsCollapsedSpecifies whether the group is collapsed (TRUE) or not (FALSE).
pPageSpecifies where the group will be added.
hIconSpecifies the page's icon.