BCGSoft Professional Editor for MFC

The undo action type.

Specifies the undo action type. This a DWORD value containing the following flags:

  • g_dwUATUndefined - undefined (unknown) action
  • g_dwUATInsertData - data was inserted into the edit control
  • g_dwUATDeleteData - data was deleted from the edit control
  • g_dwUATIndentData - indentation

These flags can be retrieved using UAT_TYPE (0x000000FF) value.

which can be combined with more specific flags describing the action:

  • g_dwUATTyping - simple typing (a new character was inserted via OnChar)
  • g_dwUATCut - data was cut (copied into the Clipboard and deleted)
  • g_dwUATPaste - the data was pasted from the Clipboard
  • g_dwUATDelete - the data was deleted using Del key
  • g_dwUATBackspace - the data was deleted using Backspace key
  • g_dwUATDragDrop - a drag & drop operation was performed
  • g_dwUATEnter - a new line was inserted using Return key
  • g_dwUATIndent - forward indentation
  • g_dwUATUnindent - backward indentation
  • g_dwUATTab - a new tab was inserted

These flags can be retrieved using UAT_REASON (0xFFFFFF00) value.

UAT means "undo action type".