BCGSuite for MFC
virtual void CBCGPGraphicsManager::DrawArc ( const CBCGPEllipse ellipse,
double  dblStartAngle,
double  dblFinishAngle,
BOOL  bIsClockwise,
const CBCGPBrush brush,
double  lineWidth = 1.,
const CBCGPStrokeStyle pStrokeStyle = NULL 
pure virtual

Draws an arc of the specified ellipse using the specified stroke style.

ellipseThe ellipse.
dblStartAngleThe arc start angle.
dblFinishAngleThe arc finish angle.
bIsClockwiseTRUE if the arc has a clockwise direction.
brushThe brush used to paint the arc.
lineWidthSpecifies the width of the line.
pStrokeStyleThe stroke style. NULL - solid line.