BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
POSITION CBCGPEditCtrl::SetLineColorMarker ( int  nRow = -1,
COLORREF  clrFore = (DWORD)-1,
COLORREF  clrBk = (DWORD)-1,
BOOL  bFullLine = TRUE,
int  nLineCount = 0,
DWORD  dwMarkerType = g_dwBCGPEdit_LineColorMarker,
UINT  unPriority = 0,

Sets a new line color marker.

A POSITION value in the internal list of markers. You can use this value in the subsequent calls to the marker manipulation routines.

Call this function to highlight the specified line or several lines (if nLineCount is greater than 0). As a result, a new marker of g_dwBCGPEdit_LineColorMarker type is created and added into the internal list of markers.

nRowThe zero-based number of row to set the marker at.
clrForeSpecifies the marker foreground color.
clrBkSpecifies the marker background color.
bFullLineIf TRUE, the line will be colored up to the right edge of the edit control. If FALSE, the line will be colored up to the end of text on the specified row (s).
nLineCountSpecifies the number of rows to highlight. If this value is 0, only one row (specified by nRow) will be highlighted, If this value is 1 - two rows, if 2 - three rows, etc.
dwMarkerTypeSpecifies the marker type. This value will be combined with g_dwBCGPEdit_LineColorMarker.
unPrioritySpecifies the marker drawing priority (the higher number means drawing the marker on top).
pDataSpecifies the optional custom data associated with this marker.