BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPRibbonComboBox::CBCGPRibbonComboBox ( UINT  nID,
BOOL  bHasEditBox = TRUE,
int  nWidth = -1,
LPCTSTR  lpszLabel = NULL,
int  nImage = -1,

Constructs ribbon combo box object.

nIDcommand ID.
bHasEditBoxIf TRUE, the combo box behaves as DropDown, otherwise it behaves as DropDownList.
nWidthSpecifies the width of combo box control. The default width is 120 pixels.
lpszLabelThe combo box label. By default trhe combox box doesn't have a label.
nImageThe image index. By default trhe combox box doesn't have an image.
sortOrderThe sort order. The default sort order is BCGP_RIBBON_COMBO_SORT_ORDER_NO_SORT.