BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
int CBCGPTasksPane::AddGroup ( int  nPageIdx,
LPCTSTR  lpszGroupName,
BOOL  bBottomLocation = FALSE,
BOOL  bSpecial = FALSE,
HICON  hIcon = NULL 

Adds a new group of tasks to the task pane control.

The zero-based index of the group in the internal list of groups.

Call this member function to create a new group of tasks in the task pane control. A group may be located either at the top of the task pane control or at the bottom.

Only one group can be located at the bottom and this group must be added as the last group in the subsequent calls to AddGroup.

lpszGroupNameSpecifies the new group name.
bBottomLocationIf TRUE, the group will be located at the bottom of the task pane control.
bSpecialIf TRUE, this group is treated as a "special" group.
nPageIdxSpecifies the zero-based page index.
hIconA handle to page icon.