BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
BOOL CBCGPToolBarImages::Draw ( CDC *  pDC,
int  x,
int  y,
int  iImageIndex,
BOOL  bHilite = FALSE,
BOOL  bDisabled = FALSE,
BOOL  bIndeterminate = FALSE,
BOOL  bShadow = FALSE,
BOOL  bInactive = FALSE,
BYTE  alphaSrc = 255,
BOOL  bIsIgnoreAlpha = FALSE 

Called when an image maintained by a toolbar images object need to be rendered.

Nonzero if the specified image was displayed successfully; it is 0 if the image index was invalid or some other error occurred.

Call this function to display the specified by iImageIndex image. You've to call PrepareDrawImage() before calling this method and EndDrawImage() after.

pDCA pointer to a device context.
xSpecifies the horizontal image coordinate.
ySpecifies the vertical image coordinate.
iImageIndexSpecifies the zero-based index of the image to be displayed.
bHiliteSpecifies whether the image is highlighted.
bDisabledSpecifies whether the image is disabled.
bIndeterminateSpecifies whether the image state is indeterminate.
bShadowSpecifies whether to draw image with the shadow or not.
bInactiveSpecifies whether the image is inactive.
alphaSrcAlpha [0-255].
bIsIgnoreAlphaSpecifies whether to draw image with alpha or not.