BCGSuite for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPAppointmentBaseStorage::Update ( CBCGPAppointment pApp,
const COleDateTime &  dtOld,
BOOL  bForceAdd = FALSE 
pure virtual

Updates an appointment in the storage.

TRUE if the appointment has been updated successfully (the appointment was found and successfully updated); otherwise FALSE. If bForceAdd parameter is TRUE, this method returns TRUE if addition was successfull.

Implement this operation to update an appointment in the storage. You're free to choose how to locate an appointment in the storage (for example, CBCGPAppointmentStorage implementation identifies an appointment by a pointer to object).

pAppA pointer to an appointment object that contains the new data.
bForceAddIf TRUE, a new appointment will be added to the storage, if the appointment to be updated does not exist.
dtOldSpecifies the old appointment date. The storage will locate the appointment by this date if the date of pApp has been changed.