BCGSuite for MFC
virtual void CBCGPBreadcrumb::OnLeftClick ( POINT  ptClick,
UINT  uHitTest,

Called when the user clicks left mouse button on the breadcrumb control.

uHitTest can be one or combination of the following values:

  • BCCHT_OUT: out of control client area
  • BCCHT_EMPTY: empty space inside control
  • BCCHT_ICON: icon area
  • BCCHT_MENUBUTTON: << button area
  • BCCHT_ITEM: item text (hItem receives HBREADCRUMBITEM handle)
  • BCCHT_ITEMBUTTON: item dropdown button (hItem receives HBREADCRUMBITEM handle)
ptClickBreadcrumb client coordinates of the point where user clicked.
uHitTestReceives information about the results of a hit test
hItemA handle to an item on which user has clicked or NULL if there's no item at that point.