BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPButton::SetCheckedImage ( HBITMAP  hBitmap,
BOOL  bAutoDestroy = TRUE,
HBITMAP  hBitmapHot = NULL,
BOOL  bMap3dColors = TRUE,
HBITMAP  hBitmapDisabled = NULL,
HBITMAP  hBitmapPressed = NULL 

Specifies an image to be displayed on the checked button

Call this member function to set a new image for the checked button.

bAutoDestroySpecifies whether the bitmap resources should be destroyed automatically.
hBitmapHandle to the bitmap containing the image for non-selected state
hBitmapHotHandle to the bitmap that contains the image for selected state
bMap3dColorsSpecifies how to treat transparent colors. If TRUE, the framework assumes that RGB (192, 192, 192) is a transparent color, if FALSE, it takes the transparent color value from BCGPGLOBAL_DATA::clrBtnFace.
hBitmapDisabledA handle to bitmap used for disabled image.
hBitmapPressedA handle to bitmap used for pressed image.