BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPButton::SetStdImage ( CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGES_IDS  id,
CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE  state = CBCGPMenuImages::ImageBlack,
CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGES_IDS  idDisabled = (CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGES_IDS)-1,
CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE  stateDisabled = (CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE)-1,
CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE  stateHighlighted = (CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE)-1,
CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE  statePressed = (CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGE_STATE)-1 

Set the button's image to be a standard image taken from CBCGPMenuImages

Call this member function to set a new button's image taken from CBCGPMenuImages class.

idA new image ID defined by CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGES_IDS enumerator
stateImage state
idDisabledA new image ID for disabled state defined by CBCGPMenuImages::IMAGES_IDS enumerator
stateDisabledDisabled image state
stateHighlightedDisabled image state
statePressedPressed image state