BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPButton::SetCheckedImage ( HICON  hIcon,
BOOL  bAutoDestroy = TRUE,
HICON  hIconHot = NULL,
HICON  hIconDisabled = NULL,
BOOL  bAlphaBlend = FALSE,
HICON  hIconPressed = NULL 

Specifies an image to be displayed on the checked button

Call this member function to set a new image for the checked button.

hIconHandle to the icon that contains the bitmap and mask for the new image
bAutoDestroySpecifies whether the bitmap resources should be destroyed automatically.
hIconHotHandle to the icon that contains the image for selected state
hIconDisabledA handle to icon used for disabled image.
bAlphaBlendSet this parameter to TRUE for 32-bit images with alpha channel only.
hIconPressedA handle to icon used for pressed image.