BCGSuite for MFC
virtual CBCGPChartValue CBCGPChartAdvancedFormula::CalculateDataPoint ( int  nIndex,
CBCGPChartSeries pInputSeries,
CBCGPChartValue valY1 
pure virtual

Calculates Y value for the specifies data point and input series.

This method must be overridden in a derived class and must return a value for the specified by nIndex data point.

If for some reason a value can't be calculated, the method should return an empty CBCGPChartValue object.

nIndexSpecifies a zero-based data point index in the input series.
pInputSeriesA pointer to an input series.
valY1Contains Y1 value when the function returns.

Implemented in CBCGPChartMACDFormula, and CBCGPChartBollingerBandsFormula.