BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPChartDiagram3D::SetDrawWallOptions ( CBCGPChartDiagram3D::DrawWallOptions  options,
BOOL  bRedraw = FALSE 

Sets the floor and wall drawing options.

Call this method to set the floor and wall drawing options.

options can be one (or combination) of the following enumerated values:

  • DWO_NONE - the walls and floor are not displayed
  • DWO_FILL_LEFT_WALL - fill the interior of the left wall, no outline
  • DWO_OUTLINE_LEFT_WALL - outline the left wall, no fill
  • DWO_FILL_RIGHT_WALL- fill the interior of right wall, no outline
  • DWO_OUTLINE_RIGHT_WALL - outline the right wall, no fill
  • DWO_FILL_FLOOR - fill the interior of floor
  • DWO_OUTLINE_FLOOR - outline the floor
  • DWO_DRAW_ALL - fill and outline all walls and floor
  • DWO_DRAW_LEFT_WALL - fill and outline the left wall
  • DWO_DRAW_RIGHT_WALL - fill and outline the right wall
  • DWO_DRAW_FLOOR - fill and outline the floor
  • DWO_DRAW_ALL_WALLS - fill and outline all walls, do not fill and outline the floor
  • DWO_OUTLINE_ALL_WALLS - outline all walls
  • DWO_OUTLINE_ALL - outline all walls and floor
  • DWO_FILL_ALL - fill all walls and floor
  • DWO_DEFAULT - outline all walls and floor, no fill
optionsSpecifies the new options.
bRedrawTRUE - redraw the chart.