BCGSuite for MFC
BCGPChartFormatArea CBCGPChartDiagram3D::m_formatWalls

Contains walls and floor formatting options.

Set m_formatWalls.m_brBottomFillColor to specify floor color.

Set m_formatWalls.m_brFillColor to specify right wall color.

Set m_formatWalls.m_brSideFillColor to specify left wall color.

This structure contains the following additional brushes to customize wall appearance:

  • m_brFloorFillColorTop3D; // for thick floor top
  • m_brFloorFillColorSide3D; // for thick floor side
  • m_brFloorFillColorBottom3D; // for thick floor bottom
  • m_brLeftWallFillColorTop3D; // for thick left wall top
  • m_brLeftWallFillColorSide3D; // for thick left wall side
  • m_brLeftWallFillColorBottom3D; // for thick left wall bottom
  • m_brRightWallFillColorTop3D; // for thick right wall top
  • m_brRightWallFillColorSide3D; // for thick right wall side
  • m_brRightWallFillColorBottom3D; // for thick right wall bottom
  • Use outline formats (set m_brLineColor and m_dblWidth properties) to customize walls and floor lines:
  • m_outlineFormat
  • m_outlineFormatFloor
  • m_outlineFormatLeftWall

If any of the above colors are left empty, they are taken from the current color theme.