BCGSuite for MFC
CBCGPChartTransitionFormula::CBCGPChartTransitionFormula ( TransitionType  type,
LPARAM  lParam = NULL 

Constructs a CBCGPChartTransitionFormula object.

The constructor.

type can be one of the following enumerated values:

  • TT_SUM - formula will calculate sum of similar (located at the same index) data points for all input series.
  • TT_DIFF - difference
  • TT_HIGH - high value (max)
  • TT_LOW - low value (min)
  • TT_MULTIPLY - multiply
  • TT_DIVIDE - divide
  • TT_AVERAGE - average

If callback is specified (2-nd constructor), the formula type is TT_UNDEFINED.

typeSpecifies transition formula type.
lParamUser-defined data. Will be passed to a callback.