BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPChartTransitionFormula::SetTransitionCallback ( BCGPCHART_TRANSITION_CALLBACK  pCallback,
LPARAM  lParam = NULL,
BOOL  bGenerateDataPoints = TRUE 

Sets transition callback.

Call this method to set a callback to implement custom transitions.

The transition callback is defined as following:

typedef CBCGPChartData (CALLBACK* BCGPCHART_TRANSITION_CALLBACK)(const CArray<CBCGPChartData, CBCGPChartData>& arData, int nDataPointIndex, CBCGPChartSeries* pFormulaSeries, LPARAM lp);

Input parameters:

  • arData - array of chart data extracted from all data points located at the specified by nDataPointIndex index
  • nDataPointIndex - a zero-based data point index
  • pFormulaSeries - a pointer to a parent series (a series whose data points are calculated as a result of the transition)
  • lp - user-defined data
Should return empty data if values at the specified data point index can't be calculated. Otherwise should contain calculated Y value at CBCGPChartData::CI_Y component index.
pCallbackA pointer to a custom callback.
lParamUser-defined data to be passed to the callback.
bGenerateDataPointsTRUE - recalculate output data points immediately.