BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPEdit::EnableIconOnLeft ( BOOL  bEnable,
HICON  hIcon,
BOOL  bAutoDestroy = TRUE,
BOOL  bAlphaBlend = FALSE,
const CSize &  sizeIcon = CSize(0, 0) 

Specifies whether icon should be displayed on the left side.

bEnableTRUE if icon should be displayed, FALSE - otherwise.
hIconA handle to an icon.
bAutoDestroypecifies whether the icon resources should be destroyed automatically.
bAlphaBlendShould be TRUE if the icon uses 32 bit color.
sizeIconSpecifies icon (image) size. If this parameter is (0, 0) the default icon size (16 x 16 in 100% DPI) will be used.