BCGSuite for MFC
DWORD CBCGPEditMarker::m_dwMarkerType

The marker type.

All markers are divided by types. The library supports a set of methods which allows to perform different operations on a group of markers. Usually, the desired marker type is passed as a parameter to such a method.

Please, note, the edit control uses bitwise operation on the marker types.

The following is the list of predefined marker types:

  • g_dwBCGPEdit_BookMark: bookmark
  • g_dwBCGPEdit_NamedBookMark: named bookmark
  • g_dwBCGPEdit_LineColorMarker: colored line
  • g_dwBCGPEdit_MarkerReserved: reserved for future usage
  • g_dwBCGPEdit_FirstUserDefinedMarker: you should use values greater than this value for the custom markers.

For example, you can define a breakpoint marker type as following:

DWORD dwBreakpointMarkerType = g_dwBCGPEdit_FirstUserDefinedMarker << 1.