BCGSuite for MFC
BOOL CBCGPGridCtrl::SetTextColumn ( int  nColumn,
BOOL  bText 

Required for "preview" support. Tells that the preview text may begin from this column.

Use this function to set the "text column" flag for all column that can be a starting point to display the preview text.

The Grid control should determine from what column it's possible to display the preview text. It loops over all displayed columns and checks for this flag. When the first column with the "text column" flag is found, the offset of this column is used to determine the offset of preview text from the left Grid control edge. In this way you can set the offset of the preview text, so some small non-textual columns located at the beginning of the list of columns will not display this text in the preview mode. Usually this flag should not be set for tight columns displaying some small images.

nColumnColumn index.
bTextSpecifies the "text column" flag.