BCGSuite for MFC
void CBCGPGroup::SetCheckRadioStyle ( CheckRadioStyle  style,
BOOL  bChecked = TRUE,
BOOL  bAutoEnableControlsInGroup = TRUE,
UINT  nRadioGroupID = 0,
BOOL  bRedraw = TRUE 

Specifies a Group Box caption style.

styleCaption style.
bCheckedSpecifies whether a group box is initially checked.
bAutoEnableControlsInGroupSpecifies whether all controls located in group box bounds should be automatically disabled when check box or radio button located on the group box caption is unchecked.
nRadioGroupIDIdentifier of Group Box with BCGPGroupRadioButton style. If Radio button on the Group Box is checked, all other group boxes located on the same dialog with the same ID will be unchecked.
bRedrawSpecifies whether a control should be redrawn.