BCGSuite for MFC
virtual void CBCGPOutlineParser::UpdateOutlining ( CString &  strBuffer,
int  nOffsetFrom,
int  nCharsCount,
CBCGPOutlineNode pOutlineNode,

Updates outline information in specified range.

Call this function to update the outlining information for the specified range. The default implementation reparses the text in the edit control in order to find all outlining blocks matching the block definitions from m_arrBlockTypes. When the parser encounters an outlining block, it creates a new collapsible node and automatically adds it.

strBufferA reference to the internal buffer of the edit control.
nOffsetFromSpecifies the zero-based offset in internal buffer of the edit control. This offset points to the beginning of update range.
nCharsCountThe number of characters which specifies the end of the update range.
pOutlineNodeA pointer to the root of all collapsible nodes.
changesA reference to a structure, which keeps data about all removed and inserted outline blocks