BCGSuite for MFC
BOOL CBCGPPageTransitionManager::StartPageTransition ( HWND  hwdHost,
const CArray< HWND, HWND > &  arPages,
BOOL  bReverseOrder = FALSE,
const CSize &  szPageOffset = CSize(0, 0),
const CSize &  szPageMax = CSize(0, 0) 

Starts the page transition for the array of pages.

hwdHostThe handle of window which processes a page transition.
arPagesThe array of pages.
bReverseOrderSpecify whether the transition should be performed in reversed order. You've to set this parameter to TRUE if you need to change page with a higher index to page with lower (from right to left).
szPageOffset(optional)The page offset.
szPageMax(optional)The maximum dimensions of the page.
TRUE if it succeeds, FALSE if it fails.