BCGSuite for MFC
BOOL CBCGPPageTransitionManager::StartPageTransition ( HWND  hwdHost,
HWND  hwndPageFrom,
HWND  hwndPageTo,
BOOL  bReverseOrder = FALSE,
const CSize &  szPageOffset = CSize(0, 0),
const CSize &  szPageMax = CSize(0, 0) 

Starts 2-page transition.

hwdHostThe handle of window which processes a page transition.
hwndPageFromHandle of the start page window.
hwndPageToHandle of the finish page window.
bReverseOrderSpecify whether the transition should be performed in reversed order. You've to set this parameter to TRUE if you need to change page with a higher index to page with lower (from right to left).
szPageOffset(optional)The page offset.
szPageMax(optional)The maximum dimensions of the page.
TRUE if it succeeds, FALSE if it fails.