BCGSuite for MFC
Getting Started

First, please read the following MSDN articles to learn how to use MFC Feature Pack for Visual Studio 2008: To begin using BCGSuite library in your project you need to make the following changes in your source code (please don't forget to make a backup copy of your source files first):

  • Add BCGSuite directory to INCLUDE path
  • Add the following include to the stdafx.h file:
    #include ""BCGSuiteInc.h"
  • Add a call to BCGCBProCleanUp() in your application ExitInstance()
  • Set the application visual style at the beginning of your CMainFrame::OnCreate() (if your source code has a call to CMFCVisualManager::SetDefaultManager, please remove it):
    BCGPSetVisualManagerSuite (CBCGPVisualManager::manager);
  • where manager is: