BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPDockBar::ShowControlBar ( CBCGPBaseControlBar pBar,
BOOL  bShow,
BOOL  bDelay,
BOOL  bActivate 

Call to show the control bar.

Nonzero if the control bar was shown or hidden successfully. It's 0 if the specified control bar does not belong to this dock bar.

Call this member function to show or hide docked control bar. Usually, you don't need to call CBCGPDockBar::ShowControlBar directly, because it is called by the parent frame window or the base control bar implementation.

pBarPointer to the control bar to be shown or hidden.
bShowIf TRUE, specifies that the control bar is to be shown. If FALSE, specifies that the control bar is to be hidden.
bDelayIf TRUE, delay adjust layout after show.
bActivateSpecifies whether to activate the bar or not.