BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPPopupMenu class provides the functionality of Windows popup menus and extends it by supporting animations, tear-off, full customization, tool tips, rarely used commands, scrolling and loading/saving its state.

Usually, CBCGPPopupMenu objects are created and handled by BCGControlBar Library framework. If you need to display a popup menu, just construct a CBCGPPopupMenu object on the heap and call the CBCGPPopupMenu::Create member function.

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Public Types


Public Member Functions

 CBCGPPopupMenuConstructs a CBCGPPopupMenu object.
 CheckAreaDetermines which popup menu item is at a specified position.
 CreateCreates a popup menu and attaches it to a CBCGPPopupMenu object.
 EnableMenuLogoAllows to display the popup menu's logo.
 EnableResizeEnables the menu vertical and horizontal resizing.
 EnableVertResizeEnables the menu vertical resizing.
 GetHMenuReturns a handle to a Windows menu.
 GetMenuBarReturns a pointer to a menu bar object.
 GetMenuItemProvides access to a popup menu item.
 GetMenuItemCountDetermines the number of items in a pop-up menu.
 GetMessageWndReturns a pointer to window that receives the popup menu commands.
 GetParentButtonReturns a pointer to a parent toolbar menu button.
 GetParentPopupMenuReturns a pointer to a parent popup menu object.
 GetParentToolBarReturns a pointer to a parent toolbar object.
 GetSelItemReturns a pointer to the currently selected item (menu button).
 HideRarelyUsedCommandsReturns nonzero if the popup menu is able to hide the rarely used commands.
 InsertItemInserts a new menu item at the specified position, moving other items down the menu.
 InsertSeparatorInserts separator at the specified position.
 IsCustomizePaneIndicates whether the popup menu is working as a QuickCustomizePane.
 IsIdleDetermines whether a popup menu is currently in idle mode.
 IsQuickCustomizeDetermines whether a CBCGPToolbarMenuButton is in QuickCustomize mode.
 IsResizebleTells whether the popup menu is resizeble.
 IsRightAlignTells whether the menu is aligned right or left.
 IsShownTells whether a popup menu is visible or not.
 RemoveAllItemsRemoves all the items from a popup menu.
 RemoveItemRemoves an item from a popup menu.
 SetDefaultItemSpecifies the command ID of a menu item to set as default.
 SetMaxWidthSets the maximum width, in pixels, for a popup menu bar.
 SetRightAlignSets the menu alignment.
 ShowAllCommandsForces the popup menu to display all its items.
 UpdateShadowUpdates the menu shadow.

Static Public Member Functions

 AlwaysShowEmptyToolsEntryEnables or disables ability to show empty entries for user-defined tools.
 EnableMenuSoundEnables or disables menu sound.
 GetActiveMenuReturns a current active popup menu.
 GetAnimationSpeedReturns a popup menu animation time-out value, in milliseconds.
 GetAnimationTypeReturns the current type of popup menu animation.
 GetForceMenuFocusTells whether the applications is in the mode when the input focus is returned to the menu bar.
 IsSendMenuSelectMsgTells whether the framework sends WM_MENUSELECT message to parent frame.
 SetAnimationSpeedSets a popup menu's animation speed.
 SetAnimationTypeSets the new animation type.
 SetForceMenuFocusForces a mode when the input focus is returned to the menu bar when a popup menu is displayed.
 SetForceShadowForces menu shadows to appear when menus are dropped outside the main frame window.
 SetSendMenuSelectMsgSets a flag that tells the framework whether to send the WM_MENUSELECT message to parent frame.
 UpdateAllShadowsUpdates shadows for all opened popup menus.