BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

CBCGPSmartDockingParams structure is used along with CBCGPDockManager::SetSmartDockingParams in order to hold and pass parameters used for customization of appearance of "smart docking" markers.

"Smart docking" markers are handled internally by the framework. Standard markers look like this:

This is a "central group" marker without ability dock to tab (a window being docked can't form a tabbed group), a "right" marker and a "central group" marker with ability dock to tab. The central group marker consists of a main bitmap and five marker bitmaps.

You can customize the following parameters of markers:

  • color of markers (may be used for the standard bitmaps), e.g. it is possible to replace the blue color of above markers with any user-defined color.
  • transparent color
  • offset of a marker in central group from the border of bounding rectangle of main group.
  • main bitmap representing the central group
  • bitmaps representing markers (regular and highlighted state).

The following picture illustrates custom markers:

Inherits CObject.

Public Attributes

 m_bUseThemeColorInShadingTells whether to use, or not the current theme color for marker shading.
 m_clrBaseBackgroundSpecifies base background color.
 m_clrToneDestSpecifies a color which should replace m_clrTomeSrc in marker bitmaps.
 m_clrToneSrcSpecifies a color of marker bitmaps which should be replaced with a custom color.
 m_clrTransparentSpecifies a transparent color of marker bitmaps.
 m_nCentralGroupOffsetOffset of central group markers from the bounds of central group rectangle.
 m_sizeTotalTotal size of all markers in a group.
 m_uiMarkerBmpResIDResource IDs of custom marker bitmaps (regular).
 m_uiMarkerLightBmpResIDResource IDs of custom marker bitmaps (highlighted).