BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

BCGPSCROLLBAR_COLOR_THEME structure is used for customizing scroll bars appearance. A reference to this structure is supplied as a parameter for CBCGPScrollBar::SetColorTheme method.

Public Member Functions

 IsValidTells whether this object is valid.
 ResetResets the color theme to default state.

Public Attributes

 m_b3DEffectSpecifies whether to draw scrollbar buttons with 3D effect.
 m_bHighlightEffectSpecifies whether to use mouse cursor highlight effect.
 m_clrBorderScrollbar border color.
 m_clrButtonScrollbar button background color.
 m_clrButtonBorderScrollbar button border color.
 m_clrButtonBorderPressedScrollbar pressed button border color.
 m_clrButtonPressedScrollbar pressed button background color.
 m_clrFaceScrollbar background color.
 m_clrFacePressedPressed scrollbar background color.