BCGControlBar Pro for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPDateTimePropAttributes structure contains date/time property attributes.

Public Attributes

 m_bDisplayCalendarTodayButtonSpecifies whether to display "Today" button in the drop-down calendar window.
 m_dateFormatDate format: -1 - system, 0 - Month-Day-Year, 1 - Day-Month-Year, 2 - Year-Month-Day.
 m_MaxDateThe maximum date.
 m_maxYear2DigitsThe maximum year when m_type2DigitsInYear is TRUE.
 m_MinDateThe minimum date.
 m_monthFormatMonth format: 0 - short, 1 - long, 2 - numeric.
 m_nFirstDayOfWeekThe first day of the week: 0 - 6.
 m_nMaxWeekDayCharactersSpecifies maximum number of week day characters displayed in the dropped-down calendar window.
 m_type2DigitsInYearTRUE to type 2 digits in year; FALSE - type 4 year digits