BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPCalculator class implements the functionality of an arithmetical calculator, which can be used as a standalone control or a popup control connected to another control (for example, an edit control with calculator browse button implemented by CBCGPEdit).

See the BCGPControls example for more details.

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+ Inheritance diagram for CBCGPCalculator:

Public Member Functions

 CBCGPCalculatorThe constructor.
 CBCGPCalculatorThe constructor.
 CreateCreates the calculator pane.
 CreateControlCreates the calculator Windows control.
 EnableBorderShows or hides a border around calculator.
 GetValueReturns the current value.
 HasBorderTells whether a calculator control displays a border.
 RemoveAdditionalCommandsRemoves custom commands.
 RemoveExtendedCommandsRemoves extended commands.
 SetAdditionalCommandsAllows to add custom buttons to calculator.
 SetExtendedCommandsAllows extended commands to calculator.
 SetValueInitializes the calculator with a new value.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CBCGPCtrlPlaceHolderHelper
 CreateOnPlaceHolderCreates control on the placeholder location.

Protected Member Functions

 OnUserCommandCalled when the user presses a custom button.