BCGSuite for MFC

Detailed Description

The CBCGPGridColumnsInfo class is used by the CBCGPGridCtrl class to store information about columns of the grid control. It keeps track of the list of sorted columns, list of grouped columns, columns order and supports auto-size feature. Mostly you don't need to access/manage objects of this class; the grid has the corresponding wrapper functions.

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Public Member Functions

 EnableCheckBoxEnables or disables the grid column check box.
 GetCheckBoxStateRetrieves the column check state.
 GetColumnImageReturns the zero-based index of the image, associated with the specified column.
 GetColumnWidthAutoSizeTells whether a column has fixed, or automatic size.
 HitTestColumnCall this method to obtain information about a column from the given point.
 InsertColumnsInserts several columns into the grid control.
 IsCheckBoxEnabledTells whether a grid column check box is enabled or not.
 ResizeRecalculates the width of columns to fit the working area of the grid control.
 SetCheckBoxStateSets a column check state.
 SetColumnImageAssociates the column with image from the header's image list.
 SetColumnWidthAutoSizeEnables or disables automatic size for a column.
 SetHeaderMultiLineSets a column header to multiline mode.