BCGSuite for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPVisualManager::OnDrawCalculatorButton ( CDC *  pDC,
CRect  rect,
CMFCToolBarButton *  pButton,
CBCGPVisualManager::BCGBUTTON_STATE  state,
int  cmd,
CBCGPCalculator pCalculator 

Called by the framework when it needs to draw a calculator button

Override this function in a derived class in order to customize appearance of calculator buttons.

cmd can be one of the following enumerated values which corresponds to calculator buttons:

  • idCommandNone
  • idCommandClear
  • idCommandReset
  • idCommandMemClear
  • idCommandMemRead
  • idCommandMemAdd
  • idCommandAdd
  • idCommandSub
  • idCommandMult
  • idCommandDiv
  • idCommandSign
  • idCommandDot
  • idCommandSqrt
  • idCommandPercent
  • idCommandResult
  • idCommandRev
  • idCommandBackspace

state can be one of three enumerated values:

  • ButtonsIsRegular
  • ButtonsIsPressed
  • ButtonsIsHighlighted
pDCA pointer to a device context.
rectButton's bounding rectangle.
pButtonA pointer to button to be drawn.
stateButton's state.
cmdButton's command.
pCalculatorA pointer to a parent calculator.