BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPBaseControlBar::DockControlBar ( CBCGPBaseControlBar pDockBar,
LPCRECT  lpRect,

Docks control bar to another control bar or frame window.

Nonzero if the control bar was docked successfully; otherwise 0.

Call this function to dock a control bar to another control bar or dock bar (CBCGPDockBar) specified by pDockBar, or to a main frame if pDockBar is set to NULL.

dockMethod specifies how the control bar is being docked. For a list of possible values see BCGP_DOCK_METHOD enumerated type.

pDockBarA pointer to another control bar.
lpRectSpecifies the destination rectangle.
dockMethodSpecifies the dock method.

Reimplemented in CBCGPControlBar.