BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual BOOL CBCGPBaseTabbedBar::FloatTab ( CWnd *  pBar,
int  nTabID,
BOOL  bHide = FALSE 

Makes a control bar floating if it currently resides in a detachable tab.

Nonzero if a control bar became floating; otherwise 0.

Call this function to float a control bar if it currently resides in a detachable tab. Use BCGP_DM_SHOW as dockMethiod if you just want to detach a control bar programmatically. Use BCGP_DM_DBL_CLICK if you want this bar to take a recent floating/docking position.

pBarA pointer to a control bar to float.
nTabIDSpecifies the zero-based index of a tab to float.
dockMethodSpecifies the method to use to make the control bar floating.
bHideSpecifies if it's required to hide the control bar upon floating.