BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPCalendar::EnableMutipleSelection ( BOOL  bEnable = TRUE,
int  nMaxSelDates = -1,
BOOL  bTruncate = FALSE 

Enables or disables the multiple selection mode.

This function allows to enable or disable the multiple selection mode.

In the single selection mode the user is allowed to select only one date. In the multiple selection mode the user is allowed to select multiple dates either by clicking and dragging the mouse, or by holding the Ctrl key and clicking on discrete days, or by clicking on the week number (it allows to select the entire week).

You can select multiple days in the code using SelectDate().

bEnableIf TRUE, the multiple selection mode will be enabled.
nMaxSelDatesDefines the maximal number of days that can be selected at once.
bTruncateIf TRUE the selection will be truncated to the current month.