BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual CBCGPChartAxis* CBCGPChartAxis::Split ( double  dblPercent,
int  nGapInPixels = 10,
CRuntimeClass *  pNewAxisRTC = NULL,
BOOL  bCustomAxisAtTop = TRUE 

Splits an axis creating an additional custom axis.

A pointer to custom axis if the function succeeds, or NULL.

Use this method to split an existing axis and create an additional custom axis. The positions of axes are automatically calculated based on nPercent parameter.

dblPercentSpecifies the size of new axis in percents from the size of original axis.
nGapInPixelsSpecifies distance in pixels between this and the new axes.
pNewAxisRTCRuntime class of a new axis.
bCustomAxisAtTopSpecifies whether the custom axis should be created at the top of the axis being split (TRUE the default), or at the bottom.