BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CrossType CBCGPChartAxis::m_crossType

Specifies cross type for an axis.

This property specifies how an axis crosses its perpendicular axis. It can be one of the following enumerated values:

  • CT_AUTO - cross position is calculated automatically. For example, it's 0 if perpendicular axis displays negative and positive values.
  • CT_MAXIMUM_AXIS_VALUE - crosses the perpendicular axis at maximum displayed value.
  • CT_MINIMUM_AXIS_VALUE - crosses the perpendicular axis at minimum displayed value.
  • CT_AXIS_VALUE - crosses the perpendicular axis at the specified by CBCGPChartAxis::m_dblCrossOtherAxisValue value.
  • CT_IGNORE - displays an axis always at its default position (except the case when perpendicular axis has reverse order enabled).
  • CT_FIXED_DEFAULT_POS - displays axis aligned to the plot area bound according to the axis default position. For example, it's useful when you split the primary Y axis and wish the primary X axis stay at the bottom top of diagram area (see "Stock Chart" view in BCGPChartExample demo).