BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPChartAxis::EnableScaleBreaks ( BOOL  bEnable,
CBCGPChartScaleBreakOptions pOptions = NULL,
BOOL  bGenerateBreaks = TRUE 

Enables or disables axis scale breaks.

Call this method to enable or disable axis scale break.

A scale break divides an axis to two parts, where major unit for each part is calculated according to part interval. You can use manual or automatic scale breaks.

If CBCGPChartScaleBreakOptions::m_bAutomatic is set to FALSE you need to add scale breaks manually using CBCGPChartAxis::AddScaleBreak. Otherwise scale breaks are generated automatically according to CBCGPChartScaleBreakOptions::m_nMaxCount and CBCGPChartScaleBreakOptions::m_dblValueThresholdPercent parameters.

  • m_nMaxCount limits the number of automatically generated scale breaks.
  • m_dblValueThresholdPercent defines a maximal distance between two values in percents from the total axis scale range. A new scale break is generated when a distance between two values exceeds the calculated distance and there is no other values between them.
bEnableTRUE - enable scale break; FALSE- disable scale breaks.
pOptionsScale break options.
bGenerateBreaksTRUE - generate scale breaks immediately (for automatic scale breaks).