BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
virtual void CBCGPCircularGaugeImpl::SetClosedRange ( double  dblStart,
double  dblFinish,
double  dblStartAngle = 90,
BOOL  bDrawLastTickMark = TRUE,
BOOL  bAnimationThroughStart = TRUE,
int  nScale = 0 

Sets closed range for the specified scale.

Closed range should be set when a scale pointer should move in one direction (like on watches), e.g the pointer moves from finish value to start value in the same direction as from start to finish.

dblStartStart value.
dblFinishFinish value.
dblStartAngleStart angle (in degrees).
bDrawLastTickMarkTRUE - draw last tick marks; FALSE - do not draw last tick mark on the range.
bAnimationThroughStartTRUE - animate pointer transition from finish value to start value.
nScaleSpecifies scale index.