BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
CBCGPColorBar::CBCGPColorBar ( const CArray< COLORREF, COLORREF > &  colors,
COLORREF  color,
LPCTSTR  lpszAutoColor,
LPCTSTR  lpszOtherColor,
LPCTSTR  lpszDocColors,
CList< COLORREF, COLORREF > &  lstDocColors,
int  nColumns,
int  nRowsDockHorz,
int  nColDockVert,
COLORREF  colorAutomatic,
UINT  nCommandID,
CBCGPColorButton pParentBtn 

Constructs a CBCGColorBar object

This member function constructs a CBCGColorBar object. Use default constructor and the Create() member function, for direct creation.

colorsAn array of colors to be displayed on the CBCGColorBar control
colorA default color
lpszAutoColorThe name of autocolor button.
lpszOtherColorThe name of "other" color button.
lpszDocColorsThe name of document color button.
lstDocColorsA list of current document colors
nColumnsA number of columns
nRowsDockHorzA number of rows in horizontal docked state
nColDockVertA number of columns in vertical docked state
colorAutomaticAn automatic color
nCommandIDA command ID
pParentBtnA pointer to a parent button