BCGControlBar Pro for MFC
void CBCGPColorButton::EnableOtherButton ( LPCTSTR  lpszLabel,
BOOL  bAltColorDlg = TRUE,
BOOL  bEnable = TRUE 

Enables and disables the "Other" button, which appears below the regular color buttons.

Call this function to enable or disable "Other" button, which appears below regular color buttons. When the user clicks the "Other" button, it displays a color dialog. If set bAltColorDlg to TRUE, then the framework-supplied color dialog (CBCGPColorDialog) is displayed; otherwise, the system color dialog is displayed.

lpszLabelSpecifies the button's text.
bAltColorDlgSpecifies what color dialog box should be opened when the user clicks the button. It can be either standard or BCGControlBar-provided color dialog box.
bEnableSpecifies whether the "Other" button is enabled or disabled.